Me switching from Windows to Linux?

Well it stated a weeks ago, I got a ransomware and unfortunately encrypted most of my data and it was the first time when, I encountered a ransomware, since I was aware that how these things works and affect your data my prior knowledge and quick actions saved some of my data around 60 GB even though my quick actions couldn’t save much and I lost almost 742 GB of data which meant a lot to me, but the attackers wanted ransom around 980$, which seemed much more precious than my data, but I decided not to give up and tried recovering my data but it seemed impossible and time consuming. Well, it was not entirely my fault, it was Windows OS being so popular among other operating systems for the reason most people use it also it gives the malware developers a great window to cover-up huge number of victims. I have been using windows for last 6 years, also I was using Linux in parallel. It’s clear that most of time it’s Windows who plays the victim in case of new ransomware, Trojans, virus outbreaks most of the time they get patched up but they are just software and getting bugs, vulnerabilities are like most important rules of software development. Also it’s not always possible to spent such huge amount to recover data even sometimes you don’t even get your data back.

But if you think a bit, spending money to get a Windows license and then buy Microsoft applications such as Office and you have to pay yearly or even monthly to Antivirus companies to keep you updated with latest virus definitions. Actually I think, it’s not the ransomware developer that robbing you, it’s the software company. One moment I thought it was better to pay the attackers rather than keep on paying these companies for the stuff that they forces upon you, but it’s ransom, there is no guarantee that you’ll get your stuff back. Even somehow your PC gets infected and you looses data, windows and antivirus don’t cover-up in their policies that don’t worry we’ll assist you to get your data back. It’s not only viruses, worms, Trojans, ransomware, that annoys you it’s windows itself, windows checks for updates in every 17 to 22 hours and if it founds any update it keep on notifying until you download them. The ransomware put a full stop on my daily routine with my PC since I had no useful data left I decided to completely format my HDD and I did it. But that was the worst decision, it totally corrupted the partition and I found it’s impossible to correct the partition without help of other PC or laptop. I took my hard drive to a friends house to install windows and It installed correctly and booted successfully in his PC but like it was decided that it won’t boot. After searching lot and lots of forums and posts nothing helped. Then I decided I will make Bootable USB, I installed several android applications like(ISO to USB, EtchDroid, etc.), but it was windows ISO that isn’t compatible with creating bootable media via any of these applications. But thanks to EtchDroid which I found best android application for creating Linux bootable media, and it worked.

But, later I installed Ubuntu 20.04 just because I consist most of your daily application for which typically windows demand money but it’s good thing with Linux is you don’t have to spent a single penny to get up-to this plus you don’t need antivirus which is good thing so, no more greedy products. And one thing I noticed while looking for decryption tools there are unending list shit companies are there which will offers recovery tools and other utilities, which looks legit please don’t buy them, they will just take advantage of your situation. Only very few from them actually works, majority of them will just ask for money or try to get into your PC or they are just other malware in form of legit looking products, point is don’t trust them.

Major reason was this malware and also I am a programmer and Linux it’s best for coding specially if you are a student and looking for free and reliable OS. Beside I was already accustom with Linux environment and it provides built in applications for coding, plus it provides stable and much more secure platform. So if you are looking for free and reliable OS, so I will definitely recommend Linux.



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